Chief Surveyor ( Open Pit / Iron Ore / Mining / Surpac / UAV ) – West Africa

Reference Number: GAS0033
Job Description:
Supervise Mining and Contract survey staff. Works closely with Mine Engineering, Mine Operations, and Geology, Project Construction, and Land/Crop Comp/Environment departments. To supervise and train surveyors and survey assistants. To administer survey contracts.
  • Chief Surveyor must be able to perform all survey functions such as laying out blast patterns; flagging blasted materials; elevation control; survey control of pit and bench limits; surveying in support of geology and land/community/environment departments; and utilizing computer skills such as word processing and spreadsheets, ore control, dispatch reporting, Surpac and ACAD.
  • In addition, the Chief Surveyor is responsible for;
  • Schedule shifts, vacations and training for surveyors.
  • Supervision of the daily tasks of surveyors.
  • Evaluation of employee performance.
  • Administration of discipline.
  • Approval of employee overtime sheet.
  • Processing of employee timesheets.
  • Supervise Mining survey department and survey contractors.
  • Lay out blast patterns, including marking holes, painting dots on holes, surveying end holes with field computer and turning in data for input into system.
  • Flag blasted material, including establishing proper ore control by surveying in dig polygon boundaries to define lines between material types, carrying wooden stakes in a bundle weighing up to 10 kilograms to the blast site, pounding stakes into blasted material, attaching ribbon to stakes and placing color-coded cardboard placards with polygon numbers at site.
  • Perform elevation control by determining bench marks and grades.
  • Control pit and bench limits by looking for problem areas and determining line definition.
  • Operate a computer using the Survey and Data Collector programs for the purpose of figuring volumes and field calculations. Basic use of spreadsheets is required.
  • Operate light vehicles on haul roads including a pre-operational inspection, mounting and dismounting vehicle, pushing and pulling knobs and levers and turning steering wheels.
  • Walk and stand on uneven and wet surfaces for extended periods of time.
  • Hear sufficiently to distinguish various pitches of warning alarms, including heavy equipment back-up alarms, blast sirens, fire alarms and various warning alarms in mills and shops.
  • Hold and operate a telephone or radio with sufficient voice and hearing to carry on a conversation for the purpose of issuing directives and providing feedback.
  • Read, comprehend and interpret survey literature, Material Safety Data Sheets, labels on products, warning signs, instructional manuals and numbers on monitors and gauges, to prevent loss of personnel, property and process.
  • Read, comprehend and interpret maps for the purpose of locating field survey sites.
  • Wear personal protective equipment including hard hat, steel toe shoes, safety glasses, respirators, wet suits, earplugs, gloves, or any other equipment to perform duties safely.
  • Maintain survey equipment in a good condition and store in a suitable manner.
  • Maintain survey database in an organized manner.
  • Monthly pickups- Pits, Dumps, Stockpiles and reporting.
  • Liaise with geology and plant for monthly reconciliation.
  • Produce monthly numbers by the 3rd day of the following month.
  • Ensure departmental employees are well versed in mining related hazard.
  • Conduct regular tools box meetings.
  • Consequences of not performing the essential functions are:
o Loss due to inadequate training and supervision.
o Potential injury or loss of life if equipment is not operated correctly and alarms are not responded to immediately.
o Inaccurate mining resulting in loss of ore, additional material movement etc.
Requirements: Qualification and Skill
  • Must have a minimum of Ten years’ experience in surveying and engineering calculation, in a mining environment.
  • Two to four years of tertiary degree or relevant experience on skill sets above is required.
  • Basic knowledge of mine design and optimization.
  • Must be well versed in operation of survey equipment, and UAV.
  • Must be knowledgeable in mine operations, mine planning and survey functions.
  • Must be able to use mine engineering software for performing various calculations including but not limited to volumes, ore control kriges, and dispatch reports; and be able to utilize Surpac /ACAD for engineering design and determinations.
  • Must be able to create a scope of work and manage a contract.
Benefits and Contractual information:
  • Permanent Position
  • 9/3 Rotation
  • US$ Salary
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