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COO (Micro Finance/ Banking /Credit /Lending)

Kigali, Rwanda
The COO leads the technical disciplines of the bank, and serves as a strategic thought leader and networker, ensuring strategic advances in product development, credit function, technology and marketing;


Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

  1. Ensure a healthy spiritual balance within family, work, and church life through the adoption of biblical personal and spiritual disciplines;
  2. Conduct daily work, make decisions, and help Urwego Bank make decisions in a way that witnesses to the presence, power, and love of Jesus and the reality of his Kingdom on earth;
  3. Contribute to a healthy corporate culture that integrates faith and work through spiritual thought leadership and inspiration via staff devotions, retreats, and relevant meetings;
  4. As appropriate disciple team members, growing the maturity of their faith and integration of the spiritual, social, material and personal elements of their life;
  5. Ensure that Christian witness is incorporated into our product and service design;


  1. Contribute to the development of market relevant strategy that helps Urwego remain true to its mission, recognize its distinctive advantages and positions the bank to remain impactful and profitable well into the future;

Stakeholder Relationships

  1. Develop and proactively maintain healthy relationships with key government entities, especially BNR; 
  2. Explore and establish healthy and regulatory-compliant vendor relationships with local and international service providers;
  3. Develop relationships with national and international partners that could bring strategy-aligned volunteer expertise and funding;


Staff Management

  1. Create healthy, trusting management relationships with direct reports and help them do likewise with teams that they oversee;
  2. Establish accountability and high performance among team members;
  3. Demonstrate effective delegation;
  4. Train and build the capacity of team members so that they thrive in their areas of responsibility;



  1. Develop and maintain a distinctive digital strategy that helps the bank keep a clear focus on one of the most rapidly changing and impactful aspects of financial services;
  2. Ensure sufficient tech talent is retained on the IT team to keep the bank nimble and effective;
  3. Leverage the shareholder’s network to develop a world class network of IT advisors;
  4. Ensure the development of secure and reliable IT infrastructure and a healthy support desk function;
  5. Establish IT applications that effectively enhance how frontline staff work and keep Urwego at the forefront of digitally enabled technology for our target market;
  6. Develop a network of integrated service providers that allows Urwego to conveniently offer customers a wide range of services without having to invent those services ourselves;


Credit Oversight

  1. Ensure portfolio quality through careful monitoring, advanced analytics and establishment of best practices on origination and underwriting;
  2. Maintain a relevant and updated credit policy and procedures;
  3. Develop the bank’s competency in credit and originations through training and capacity building;
  4. Ensure the bank establishes efficient, industry-leading recovery procedures and disciplines;


Product Development

  1. Create retail banking products that work for marginalized populations and solve real problems for existing customers;
  2. Develop relevant credit products that find innovative ways of solving market constraints to accessing productive capital;
  3. Invest in strategic technologies that will help the bank automate retail transactions and credit decisioning by combining quantitative information with the perspective of front-line staff;




Branding and Listening, Monitoring, & Evaluation (LM&E)

  1. Guide the development and evolution of brand identity, ensuring uniform branch brand representation;
  2. Establish healthy service standards;
  3. Participate actively in creating a compelling, market segment specific promotions and marketing tactics;
  4. Oversee the development of strong LM&E systems and methodology;
  5. Ensure LM&E data is well designed, captured, and organized to support strategic decision-making across the organization;
  6. Ensure grants are implemented according to agreed-upon terms;


  • Personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ and commitment to the mission and vision of Urwego Bank Plc;
  • Strong organizational skills with excellent attention to details;
  • Strong executive functioning;
  • Strong project management skills;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills;
  • Proven ability to handle confidential information with discretion, be adaptable to various competing demands, and demonstrate the highest level of service and response to field and head office leaders;
  • Demonstrated capacity at high-level strategic thinking;
  • A university degree in a relevant field;
  • 10 years of experience in banking / microfinance with an established track record as a leader;
  • Credit analysis experience;
  • Fluency in the development and deployment of core technology systems used by banks;
  • Excellent, executive-level spoken/written English; and
  • Microsoft skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Google docs and experience with other Microsoft Office Suite products.
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Angus Lewis

Senior Associate
CA Global Finance
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