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Managing Director (Engineering Services / Business Growth / Mining / Turnkey Projects)

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Managing Director (Engineering Services / Business Growth / Mining / Turnkey Projects) – South Africa

Reference Number: 011 1703 RR

Business Focus:
Supply engineering services to clients in the mining, earth moving, heavy industry, smelter, petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and military sectors
Job Purpose:
Gain a detailed understanding of the business | Contribute to the development of a business strategy for the business and assist in the execution of such strategies | Conduct business in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance |  Oversee the efficient operation of the business | Highlight shortcomings within the business and develop and implement a strategy to overcome these shortcomings |  Understand the company’s SWOT | Develop a good relationship with key management team and motivate team to perform optimally | Display a drive to increase the profitability of the company.
General Management
  • Provide structure and company governance in accordance with accepted industry norms. 
  • Provide management support of key departmental managers, i.e. Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing & Operations, Project Management, Design & Drafting, Quality Assurance, Finance, Safety and HR. 
  • Identify and introduce technological advances to meet the company competitive objectives within the marketplace including computer-based software.  
  • Lead the implementation of new manufacturing initiatives, including strategic resource allocation and applying good manufacturing principles, organization structure, leadership, sourcing & procurement, production systems and techniques for improved efficiencies and adherence to best practice. 
  • Introduce financial management protocols. 
  • Provide strong leadership and direction to the employees at the companies ensuring a strong, motivated workforce always. 
  • Evaluate and decide upon key investments in maintenance, new equipment, infrastructure and skills.   Communicate strategy, goals and results to the company's employees. 
  • Ensure management team is correctly positioned and staffed to effectively manage each critical part of each business effectively and provide proper, detailed, timeous feedback. 
  • Ensure a motivated workforce committed to the company core values and strategy 
  • Report to the board. 
Safety Management
  • Assessment of Safety procedures, reporting, adherence to standards and continual communication to staff ensuring a safe working environment is maintained at all companies administered by the Safety Practitioner. 
  • Ensure legal compliance and appropriate legal responsibilities are managed. 
Sales Management
  • Oversee Sales & Marketing strategy and implementation thereof by the Sales Director. 
  • Sit in weekly sales meetings and provide constructive feedback and advice 
  • Drive the development of Group Marketing Footprint and increase the client base 
  • Obtain feedback and ensure current client base is satisfied with group delivery of products 
  • Review of Sales pipeline, sales targets and monthly performance 
  • Engage with targeted customers during the Sales process 
  • Deal with problems efficiently and effectively, while always maintaining a long-term relationship view wherever possible 
  • Provide strategical input on hot inquiries and assist with relationship development and deal closure if required 
  • Review and approval of specific contracts & T & C’s for new projects 
Operations: (Manufacturing/Projects/Quality): 
  • Attend weekly project/production meetings and provide constructive directive 
  • Fully understand the project load within the company 
  • Review projects and gain a detailed technical understanding of the scope of works, specific requirements, manufacturing milestones, etc. 
  • Give input on critical procurement strategy and nominated suppliers 
  • Overview of project performance and adherence to budgets – weekly 
  • Overview of project performance and adherence to schedule – weekly
  • Review weekly and monthly management reports pertaining to: - Overview of Quality performance, NCR’s, Concessions, Closeout reports 
  • Workshop efficiency, non-productive time, overtime control 
  • Staff compliment and effective forecasting 
  • Overview of scheduled maintenance and breakdowns implication 
  • Budget Control 
  • Schedule Control 
  • Proactive management of perceived future challenges and problems
  • Manage the shortcomings and failures within the company proactively and efficiently, and ensure that the loop is properly closed on each event 
  • Oversee improvement of procedures affecting the schedule, quality, and cost of manufactured products. 
  • Ensure lessons learnt are communicated to all relevant staff and properly documented 
  • Ensure that Effective Project Management is undertaken to ensure: - Cost Control 
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Control 
  • Effective communication to clients. 
  • Ensuring all divisions within the manufacturing area are properly staffed and departments are managed effectively to perform. 
  • Supervise and provide technical guidance to staff
Human Resources
  • Implementation and roll-out of BEE strategy (for some companies) including the legal interaction and completion of the necessary legal documentation. 
  • Ensuring compliance to all company systems, guidelines & policies. 
  • Review and improve policies, guidelines & policies. 
  • Always maintain a motivated workforce and take personal interest in employees. 
  • In liaison with the Human Resource Department, appraise performance of subordinates Oversee key hiring and talent development programs. 
  • Weekly/Monthly review of wages and overtime. 
  • Final round interviews with office staff candidates. 
  • Disciplinary and Hearings
  • Oversee company finances 
  • Manage company Cash Flow through a drive to Invoicing clients and ensure project manufacturing milestones are met 
  • Ensure supplier payment terms & cost structuring is optimized 
  • Review 3-month future cash flow forecast and plan the business appropriately. 
  • Review the amount of Project guarantees / bonds periodically.  
  • Ensure forex coverage is in place and risk thereof is suitable managed 
  • Review month end finances and month end closures
Requirements: Qualification and Skill
  • Degree/diploma or Relevant qualification in a related engineering discipline
  • Post graduate education will be beneficial
  • Specific experience in managing companies and driving them to be successful 
  • The role is based in South Africa, open to South African nationals only
Benefits and Contractual information:
  • ZAR Highly Negotiable depending on personality, experience and fit 
  • Possibility of shares holding in the company, earned over time 
  • Experience in group director/shareholder breakaways for strategy development 
  • 20 Days leave per annum (Negotiable)
If you wish to apply for the position, please send your CV to Ruan Roodt at rroodt@camining.com
Please visit www.camining.com for more exciting opportunities.
Ruan Roodt
CA Mining
Senior Consultant
CA Global will respond to short-listed candidates only. If you have not had any response in two weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful however your CV will be kept on our database for any other suitable positions.
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